Golden Organiser Set

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<body><title></title> <p><span style=""><strong>Title:</strong> </span>LadyBugBag Golden PU Organiser - LBB10104</p> <p><span style=""><strong>Brand:</strong> </span>LadyBugBag</p> <p><span style=""><strong>Front Color:</strong> </span>Golden</p> <p><strong><span style="">Back Color:</span></strong>Golden</p> <p><strong><span style="">Fabric:</span></strong>PU</p> <p><span style=""><strong>Dimensions:</strong> </span> L: 7 inches X H: 2 inches X W: 6 inches</p> <p><span style=""><strong>Weight:</strong> </span>118 grams</p> <p><span style=""><strong>Occasion:</strong> </span>Casual</p> </body>

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