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Saree - An evergreen clothing choice

For a female, when it comes to dressing up gracefully and flawlessly, the only clothing style that strikes our thoughts is an Indian saree. Since time immemorial to us, women have been wearing this specially designed attire to perfectly showcase their femineity!

With changing times, this piece of clothing has travelled outside India and has spread its charm in most sought after countries like USA, UK, Canada, France, Italy, etc. It can only be the incredible fascination of beautiful saree that it has created a niche for itself in the countries from where fashion trends originate.

Origin and folklore

This 5 yard garment was originated in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh and was worn around the waist and covering the entire body. The usage of blouse and petticoat was incorporated in the British and Mughal period in India. The other states like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh etc. used lehenga saree, which was shorter and was complemented by long flared skirt and a crop blouse.

In no time this female attire attained popularity in each and every part of India; the only difference being in the draping style. Its wearing style varied from east to west and north to south India. Also, in some states like Bengal, the length of saree was increased owing to its peculiar draping pattern.

Saree and Cinema

The Indian cinema has totally been obsessed by fancy and traditional saree and since its beginning, it has flaunted this garment. Though, the western influence has made our female leads exhibit some spectacular clothing options, but the eternal love for saree never faded and whenever it came to showing any Indian conventional scenes, nothing could replace a saree. When the glamorous actresses wanted to divulge in some state of the art tone, they often are spotted wearing a saree on jeans.

Though, Indian gems like Madhubala, Meena Kumari, Nargis, Mumtaz have glorified sarees like no one else, yet we cannot forget the contribution of Madhuri Dixit and Sri Devi, who can be undisputedly called the saree queens! Be it showcasing a designer silk saree, chiffon saree or a wedding saree; these Indian divas have done it like no one else can!

When this applaud able five yard clothing is doing rounds in Bollywood, then it will be unfair not to include this to Hollywood! Yes, you read it correct- sarees are hot favourite in Hollywood as well. Celebrities like

Pop girl band Pussycat Dolls looked splendid when they were all draped in black sarees. Other Los Angeles girls who preferred sarees over western outfits on important events are Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba, Gisele Bundchen, Angelina Jolie etc. The name that needs a special mention is of Lady Gaga; the singing sensation looked straight out of heaven when she boasted a spotless white saree. Victoria Beckham is another A-list celebrity who opted for a black designer net saree for the shoot of Vogue India Magazine. Interestingly, saree is equally loved by international women players as well and Anna Kournikova is often spotted wearing one!

Sarees and ornaments

Ornaments not only enhance sarees but also have become the inseparable part of this attire. Where traditional sarees look best with heavy Indian style jewellery; fancy wedding sarees can be easily paired with light and fancy jewellery as well. One can even flaunt a saree uniquely like Priyanka Chopra with ‘no jewellery’ concept.

Jhumka, danglers, studs or loops; talk of any style of earrings and they will best bedeck your saree look. Likewise, different styles of necklaces like choker, layered neck pieces, strands of pearls etc. are all fit to adorn you with your favourite saree. Talking about other forms of jewellery like bangles, maang tika, toe rings, nose rings, rings etc; some of them are specially designed for sarees and the rest, you can always mix and match according to our need and occasion.

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