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Bangles & Bracelets

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The term Bangle is found from the Hindi word ‘Bungri’ which means “Glass”

The first discovery of bangles is attributed to the Mohenjo-Daro settlements. This historically significant item is one of the oldest forms of jewelry in the world. Earlier bangles were made of terracotta which is a fired clay, stones, shells, copper, glass and other similar materials.  Bangles are one of the traditional ornaments worn mostly by South Asian women in India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh. 

It is also called Bangadi in Maharashtra, Chudi/Choodi in North India, Kangan in Hindi, Kada or Kara in Punjabi, Gajina Bale in Karnataka, Valayal in Tamilnadu, Chura  in Nepal, Vala in Malyalam, etc,.

The Bangle designs are usually round in shape and with simple to intricate designs. They are studded with diamonds, stones, kundans, beads and other precious and semi-precious gems and pearls and are made of gold. Most women wear bangles as a pair.  Variation is a preferred online shopping site for customers to buy bangle designs online due to the widest choices available. 


Shop online for everything in traditional fashion jewellery from ethnic gold plated bangles to antique fusion bangle! Our online shopping site features a wide spectrum of bangles and bracelets in different colours to match your traditional ensemble.

Buy the most regal looking bangle jewellery pieces from our Variation jewellery collections or go the chic way with antique stone and beads bangles. Those who dare to be different will love our unique assortment of gold plated bangles. Kundan bangles fuses style with rich colours for an ethnic bridal look. Floral styles are our timeless bestsellers in kundan bangle designs. Colourful Rajasthani bangles or Polki bangles creates a perfect traditional look. Look your best on your wedding day wearing elegant imitation or gold-plated bangle pieces from our bridal jewellery collection. If you want to dress up like your favourite celebrity on your big day, we have a special line of the latest Bollywood bangles just for you!

Check out our range of delicate rasrava bangle and kundan work bangle that adds a pop of colours and textures to your artificial jewellery bangle collection. Buy online from our dazzling multi-coloured bangles and bracelets and use them with coordinating jewellery pieces for a gorgeous traditional look. Enjoy your online jewellery shopping even more with our discounts and best price offers!

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