5 Must Have Indian Wedding Jewellery Pieces

It is believed that a woman looks the prettiest on her wedding day. Her glowing skin, beautiful eyes, the smile that says a lot more without even uttering a word, the coyest smile in the stunning bridal outfit and the shine, that of brand new jewellery! This is how an Indian bride is defined. The most important thing on her wedding-day is the decoration she wears around her neck, the danglings of her ears, thetrinklets of her feet and the chirpiness of her hands. It may be just one neckpiece and earrings instead of all the jewellery from her treasure trove, but it's still impactful.


The influence of jewellery and other precious adornments is ample throughout history – as evident in ancient scriptures or images of deities. These precious objects are not just a symbol of pride but are also a symbol of our rich Indian traditions and cultural heritage. Often given to women as gifts on various auspicious occasions, some items of jewellery also assume cultural, traditional, mythological and sometimes, scientific significance.


Bridal jewellery has come a long way. With the option of customization or reviving the old world charm, these days one can see a comeback of old trends, fusion of old world and new world and latest-chic styles in bridal jewellery.


Let’s take a look at 5 must-have Indian wedding jewellery pieces that the discerning brides of today opting for.


Crown style maang tikka:

Mesmerizing, royal and enchanting, a maang tikka is an essential jewel piece for an Indian bride. This year, it gets an amazing twist though. Chunky, crown like maang tikkas are in fashion. So, if the bride isn’t much interested in the classic mang tikka look, then, it is recommended that she grabs her necklace and transforms it into a crown style tikka. What a brilliant headgear!

indian jewelleryindian jewellery

Double to multi-stranded necklace:

Often seen in paintings of the royal English, Victorian designs with their intricate cuts and traditional motifs can look stunning on Indian-wear. But for a bride, a dimond or a pearl multi-strand may just look a bit more festive and vintage at the same time. Even a gold beads based three strand necklace of the sorts with a delicate look of antique sparkle can play to the strengths of much in-vogue – ‘layered looks’ on a traditional bridal lehenga!

Indian jewelleryIndian jewellery


Be it a Dogri or a traditional peacock design jhumkis, a bride looks simply stunning with the ethnic gold or kundan earrings that are bound to give her ears a stylish yetcontemporary makeover. Apply the age-old mix and match techniqueto make it go with the bridal lehenga. Take help of the colours (embroidery or stone-work) used in the outfit. From studded diamonds, to emeralds, rubies and south sea pearls, you have a lot of jhumki styles to choose from! However, the trendiest from the lot is yellow gold and pearl made jhumkis.


Polki neck piece:

This uncut diamond may cost less than the usual diamond but they sure know how to spell royalty. A favourite Rajasthani trend, a polkineckpiece makes a bigger statement and is quite a trendsetter in the Indian wedding scene. Themeenakari enamelling that’s usually on the back side of polki jewellery represents the traditional Indian art at its best.

polki necklace setspolki jewelleryIndian wedding jewellery


Haathphools (translation in English: hand flowers) have been around for decades now, however this year they have made a major comeback. This traditional piece of jewellery comprises of a bracelet or a bangle linked elegantly to one or more finger rings. Haathphools are lavishly covered in diamonds, precious stones, pearls or gems such as kundan, ruby, emerald and come in a variety of designs. An epitome of elegance, one can opt for this jewel in solid gold, white gold, or platinum.

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